FERROCAST®-cast iron slats

– Benefits for Your Animals

  • roundly shaped fin-free bars
  • excellent slip resistance
  • cool lying surface due to high thermal conductivity
  • skin-friendly, fast drying
  • hygienically clean thanks to easy cleaning

SCHONLAU open mould process –
worldwide unique

Schonlau- FERROCAST® cast iron slats are made by the worldwide unique
“open mould technology”.
Slat for slat is unique. Schonlau FERROCAST® cast iron slats do not show any
sharp fins or edges between bars. So any deburring of sharp fins or edges is
unnecessary. This way an animal friendly cast iron slat is born.


BENEFITS for your animals

Safeguards by the „open mould process“ by Schonlau:

  • Schonlau takes care for this animal friendly bar
  • FERROCAST® cast iron slats are animal friendly,
    • roundly shaped fin-free bars protect joints, skin and teats and
      contributes benefit to animal welfare.

FERROCAST® cast iron slats with high-low structured surface avoid 6% teat damages compared to rectangular 90° bars (BfL-Baubrief 45).

Because an injured teat is a missing milk bar.

In many FERROCAST® cast iron PROFIL slats there are integrated different functional areas:

  • traction safe solid areas without pointed rough profiles
  • teat friendly roundly shaped bars
  • long bars backwards for cleanliness

FERROCAST® cast iron slats in freedom crates

In freedom crates the animal friendliness of flooring systems is very much more essential than in conventional crates: Even because there flooring must fulfil all necessities of small sensible piglets a n d sows regarding

  • foothold
  • thermoregulation
  • cleanliness
  • physical integrity and animal friendliness