Piglet nest covers

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Clamp for handles

with handles

Easy to set up height

Installation on crate devider

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Holder 21604


Art-Nr. 21603

fits perfectly in Ni-2, allows installation of energy saving bulbs

Ref. No.Describtion
21600NI-2 Mobil 50 double closed
21601NI-2 Mobil 50 double open
21602NI-2 Mobil 40 double open
21603Holder NI-2 Mobil
21604Lamp holder
21605LED LID, 5W

NI-2 MOBIL –  is removable and easy to carry if switching from place to place.

Options of regulations of the height to maximize the microclimate effect, allowing the use of bulbs with less power and lower consumption


  • NI-2 MOBIL is removable, flexible, and easy ready to use acc. piglets age
  • Economical
    • Energy saving by lower compartment temperature
  • Animal friendly
    • Micro climate for piglets
    • protects from air drughts
    • better piglet performance  – higher litter weight
    • cooler compartments for the sow


  • easy assembling in crates by sliding it on crate divider
  • height adaptable from 20 – 30 cm
  • optional
    • Infrared lamp
    • LED lamp for orientation of piglets and less energy consumption


  • highest hygiene thanks to ergonomic design:
    • easy cleaning with jet washer
    • ease disinfection
    • inclined cover
    • longitudinal reinforcement bridges reduced splash water


Opening for lamp


Example Farrowing crate

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