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Schonlau Stalltechnik

FERROCAST®-cast iron slats made in an „open mould process“

Schonlau makes contributions to animal welfare since decades: Schonlau FERROCAST® cast iron slats are made absolutely fin-free in an open mould process. The outstanding advantage of this process, only this way cast iron slats can be manufactured without any razor-sharp edges and fins between gaps.

What un-counted, and experienced farmers worldwide know about the incomparable animal friendly and extremely long lasting  FERROCAST® cast iron slats  is  now confirmed by independent investigations:

FERROCAST® cast iron slats PROFIL with high-low structured surface and roundly shaped, fin-free bars cause demonstrably less teat damages compared to rectangular, sharp-edged 90° bars (BFL-Baubrief 45).

Health and increasing fertility of sows combined with increasing piglet numbers are in particular the most important production factors. Because a damaged teat is a missing milk bar …

High-low structured FERROCAST®– cast iron slats with 2 traction levels provide not only a convenient, cool and clean mothering place for the sow, but also the urgently needed foothold, also on wet and fatty surfaces. 

Consequently even gilts but also sows take food more eagerly, keep a better milk performance and breeding condition, and last but not least the development of piglets is affected positively

Schonlau Stalltechnik –
1975 patented

Schonlau livestock equipment manufactures the renowned FERROCAST®iron slat flooring system for the pig and cattle industry. Due to a patented casting process is our “open mould technology” worldwide unique, only Schonlau slats provide the exclusive roundly shaped bars – which ensure greatest benefits to animals – e.g. a smooth woven textured surface.

Schonlau represents the market leadership in the highest quality segment of cast iron flooring systems with more than 2 million square meters of installed FERROCAST®worldwide.

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Schonlau Werke

We are a medium-size, family-led customer oriented iron foundry in the area East Westphalia/Germany. With 170 employees we achieved a
sales volume of 25 million euros the last trading year.
Our general range of competence contains castings from 5 to 4.000 kgs made of GJL, GJS, GJV, ADI, Ni-resist as well as further special alloys.