Profil-Step HT

for straight farrowing crates

15 mm STEP


PROFIL 26101-600-HT
  • 2 wide traction area levels
  • alternating step trays and wide bed bars for vertical foothold


step trays
  • at the sides step trays for protected grip of piglets at milk bar
  • more grip, less trouble and less friction


wide bed bars
  • large bed bars
  • wide, large areas protect against punctual injuries


PROFIL 26100-640
  • 60 cm roundly shaped bars
  • teat friendly PROFIL structure
  • 40 cm long bars for max. manure drainage

Technical Advice

  • length 1000 mm x width 630 mm step
  • solid area PROFIL 26101-600-HT, < 5 % opening
  • newly developed, wing-shaped frame
    • even animal friendly
    • covers side crossings perfectly
  • frame mode (type–P)
  • step trays and wide bed bars
    • foothold for sows with weak legs in wet and fatty surface nearby the trough
  • PROFIL 26100-640
    • 60 cm roundly shaped bars no “squeezing” of teats like at 90° bars
    • 40 cm “long bars” for max. drainage

Products used in this layout

Ref. No.measure a x b
Cast Iron
Profil step solid areas 26101-600-HT1000x630
Profil step 26100-640
40cm long bars
Polypropylene Flooring
Polypropylene Heating Pads