Schonlau FERROCAST®-cast iron slats

Quality »Made in Germany«

FERROCAST®-cast iron slats are being made in an “open mould process”.

FERROCAST® cast iron slats are manufactured from „certified“ raw materials only and are extremely resistant against emissions, food acids, manure and urine.

FERROCAST® cast iron slats are examined acc. DIN 11848 (load up to 1100 kg (100 x 100 mm))

FERROCAST® cast iron slats – benefits for your animals


  • no blooming
  • no wash-out of surfaces
  • no rough up of surfaces
  • no potential injuries thru small fragmented profiled surface
  • roundly shaped bars protect teats (Bfl-Baubrief 45)

the delicate, fine, non porous grid-structure is easy to clean, dries quickly and keeps the sows skin dry and does not soften up the skin

FERROCAST® for a  cool mothering place with a significantly higher thermoregulation ability compared to rubber, plastic or concrete flooring